Crystal Yacht Cruises. A new exclusive, intimate travel experience.

Pursue your quest for nautical adventure in an extraordinary new way – aboard Crystal Yacht Cruises. Designed for just 62 discerning individuals who seek privileged access to some of the world’s most beautiful maritime destinations, the new Crystal Esprit™ offers the most exciting cruise alternative in decades.


While the ultimate luxury lies in the yacht’s relaxed, unregimented pace, the Crystal yachting lifestyle is enhanced with an unrivaled level of amenities and services that only the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™ can deliver – in bold, exhilarating fashion.


Relish Michelin star-level cuisine throughout your journey, wherever your vessel takes you. Aboard Crystal Yacht Cruises, you’ll embark on an exquisite culinary adventure created just for you by Crystal’s own innovative chefs.


Your private suite is an oasis, a retreat from the outside world with all the comforts and flair of a fashionably designed home. It provides the perfect setting to rest, relax and rejuvenate after a day ashore or active play in the inviting, azure waters around you.


Undeniably one of the most beautiful yet secluded yacht areas in the world, the Seychelles beckon with pristine beaches, lush and verdant mountainsides, and azure waters that are perfect for invigorating water sports.

The Seychelles Islands

Exploring the Seychelles aboard the Crystal Esprit™ is the ideal way to enjoy all the islands have to offer - snorkeling among colorful fish directly from the yacht's aft marina deck, hiking with guides through tropical nature reserves, or kayaking atop renowned crystal clear waters in hidden, crowd-free coves.


Whether you prefer Venice or the smaller, less-frequently visited islands along the Croatian and Montenegrin coasts, the Adriatic is a near-perfect cultural and activity-rich destination for your Crystal luxury yacht adventure.

Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic has been a beautiful blue highway of commerce, culture, and enjoyment since ancient times. The yachts of Crystal take you to where big ships simply cannot go. Visit small ports and islands where Zodiacs will zip you ashore for discoveries and memories to last a lifetime.

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